Change Leader

Change the leader on your journey whenever you would like.

Voice Activation

Keep your eyes on the road, with turn by turn, hands free voice navigation directions!

Follow Pro

Download Follow Pro and have access to unlimited Followers on your journey.


"Follow has made driving with two or more cars STRESS FREE FOR ME!!!!  I was following my husband to drop off the car and he drove through a yellow light, and away he went while I was stuck at a red light. If it hadn’t been for Follow I would have been lost and had to call him and get directions, easily leading to argument! Thank you FOLLOW!!! "

Lindsey S.

"We had a family road trip with three vehicles, we never got lost, never had to call anyone and we knew exactly where everyone was. No one got lost the entire trip!"

 Elizabeth D.

"Every day when a client comes to see listings, I have them download Follow, it is so easy! I don’t have to worry if I am driving too slowly or too fast, the client can take their time feeling good and stress free about getting to the next listing location."

Mike L.


About Follow

Keeping up with the driver in the car in front of you has never been easier, with the new Follow App!
Follow, a new mobile app for iOS and Android phones that lets drivers follow each other on trips/leisure or for work purposes. The unique navigation app allows the creation of a “leader” and a “follower” role, built into an intuitive mapping system so that groups will not get lost during a journey, even if the leader changes the destination or has to pull off the road.
“Road trips are not the only use for the Follow app,” according to Follow CEO Anthony Lucido,
-       Real estate agents use this FOLLOW for showing homes and making it easier for the buyer to follow the Realtor from showing to showing.
-       Pizza parlor owners using it to track their drivers; 
-       Bridal party use FOLLOW to make sure everyone got to the reception location without a hitch;
-       Parent testers also reported using  FOLLOW a as a way to track their children’s driving habits when away from the home, to ensure their safety and security;
-       College students love FOLLOW for study groups or event meetings or even parties;
-       Tourist/Travelers have been very enthusiastic about FOLLOW when they go to a new geographical location/vacations with family or friends and are walking/driving around somewhere they have never been before and now they don't worry about getting lost or loosing part of the group they simply turn on follow and never worry. 
Follow is a free app, available in iTunes and Google Play. Users can upgrade to unlock the ability to have more than one follower at a time.